Tightens your buttocks and burns fat for up to 24 hours – Health Eating

Tightens your buttocks and burns fat for up to 24 hours

Tighten Your Booty and Burn Fats for as much as 24 Hours

Did someone say, fast and free to improve the ass?

What if I told you that you could raise, ball up, and tighten your entire gluteus muscle group in just a few minutes a day? This 4-minute butt lift will kick your glutes up a notch …… In fact. Programs like this one completely eliminate the need for expensive gym memberships or costly, high-risk surgeries.

You can complete this exercise in the morning before you shower, on your lunch break, while making dinner, or any time in between. For best results, you only need to perform this exercise (or a different glute exercise) 3-4 times a week, which really helps. Consider trying one or all of these butt shaping routines while performing this exercise.

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Earning more money requires consistency and dedication to your food plan in addition to training. Take a look at these 6 key suggestions for healthier consuming and higher vitamins. Sticking to a clean eating plan will mean you can reach your goals faster!

The 4-Minute Butt Lift

Equipment needed. A set of medium weight dumbbells (8-12 lbs) / an interval timer.

What to do. Before starting your workout, watch the video demonstrations of each exercise below. Perform each exercise for 20 seconds, then relax for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise for two full circuits.


Dumbbell Squat
Stiff leg deadlift
Alternating Side Squat
Sumo Squat

Instructional Videos

Dumbbell Deep Squat

Stiff legged deep squat

Dumbbell Deep Squat

Sumo Squat

Tightening and lifting your glutes will improve your appearance and increase your confidence, no matter what you’re carrying. Whether you’re wearing a bikini, shorts, yoga pants, or skinny jeans, your results will probably be observed!

Give this program a shot and tell us what you think in the comments section!

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